Farmadelica Sound is a full-service recording facility located in Bokeelia, FL on Pine Island, just 10 miles from the mainland. We provide artists a safe, nurturing environment to create to the best of their ability. We cross all genres. We’re about collaboration. We’re about the MUSIC. We offer the following (and more): Production, Arranging, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Original Music

HAETHOR, Georgia Muldrow, Wild Humans, Ben Wuamett & Ezra Bell, Still Closed For Repairs, Phat J, Lilah Rose, Ana Isabelle, James Whiton (Tom Waits, P Funk, Bernie Worrell), Free Fall, King Duttch, Freejack (Tupac), Bizzy Bone (Bone, Thugs ‘N Harmony), Kola (Doggy Angels), Big Tray Deee (Eastsidaz)

Music2HealTheEarth : Saving The Planet A Song At A Time

Cornerstone | Maria Morte

Muscle Tuners International, Mandy Warr/The Remedy Day Spa, Dr. Lori Eanes, Emma Churchman, Masterpiece Medical Massage, Candice Thomas

Howard Merlin Founder/Owner 239-785-0225 inquiry@farmadelicasound.com www.facebook.com/farmadelicasound

  • Mixing Consoles - Crest X-Series 48 input, Amek-Tak B2 Custom 16 input
  • External Mic Pres - JoeMeek
  • Monitoring - M-Audio EX-66, Presonus E44
  • Microphones - Aston, Audio Technica, Audix, Cascade, Electrovoice, Avantone
  • Instruments - Electric Guitars (Gibson, Fender, Schecter Vintage, Zane) | Acoustic Guitars (Lace, Yamaha Vintage), Baby Grand Piano, ORLA Organ, Fender 1975 Super Reverb, SansAmp, JoeMeek Optical Guitar Rig, Ampeg 8x10 Bass Cabinet, Drum Kit
  • “From recording to mixing, Howard and The LAB’s production was on point. We didn’t just get one of the best recording engineers in New Mexico; we got a world class Producer. Howard is as passionate about our material as we are, our band grew by one and we couldn’t be happier!” – Brian McDaniel, Eddie Mooneyhan & Joey Ehasz – Still Closed For Repairs
  • “I have recorded at numerous studios. Some experiences have been good, some have been bad. I wouldn’t put my experience at The LAB in with either of those. While the equipment is great, it isn’t the draw. I have never felt more comfortable exposing the vulnerabilities of music with another engineer. Howard Wulkan is a good man. He finds the greatness in what you’re doing and exposes it. He wants you to do well. He’s not in the control room yawning. – Benjamin Wuamett (Ezra Bell)
  • “Howard and Lainie are the perfect husband and wife power partnership. They are community activists using their artistic skills and talents to enhance their businesses while entertaining and benefiting our community. Howard is a multi-faceted artistic music producer operating a professional recording studio and is also international movie and score producer. He recently expanded his capacity to support the Albuquerque Youth Symphony Program’s endeavors (joining its Board of Directors). STEPS is honored to play a small roll in their successes. – John Moore, Executive Director, STEPSabq.org
  • “Howard is a wonderful sound engineer, with great technical expertise but also a real ear for the work. Because he has such a widespread portfolio of experience, he is also a generous consigliere and helpful critic. He and The LAB are an invaluable partner in my NPR show, “The Law of Rock and Roll,” on (NPR’s) KANW.” – Michael A. Olivas, the Rock and Roll Law Professor & William B. Bates Distinguished Chair in Law (Acting President, University of Houston Downtown)
  • “… love the sound of the recording!” – Jose Gomez, songwriter (Dionne Warwick, Evelyn “Champagne” King)


Howard Merlin
Founder/Owner, Farmadelica Sound & Cinder Cone Records

A 30+ year veteran of the entertainment business, Merlin’s roles have run the gamut, including stints in recording studios (shadowed Elliot Scheiner [Steely Dan], Hall & Oates, Deep Purple, Chris Jasper (Isley Brothers) and many more. He was the Sales/Marketing Director for Earache, Rawkus, ILS/PolyGram, K7 Distribution, Def Jux, 75 Ark and his own Cinder Cone Records. He’s also a Producer/Engineer & Composer with multiple projects in the works.

He resides in SW Florida with his wife, Media Executive Lainie Sevante’ and has launched a new recording facility with with partner Bill Wright. Dubbed Farmadelica Sound, the studio is tucked away on a Palm Tree Farm in Bokeelia, FL (Pine Island). The "Farm" is a creator’s paradise; sprawling and private, with easy access to and from Ft. Myers Airport and Routes 75 and 41. His clients, both past and present, include Wild Humans, Georgia Muldrow, HAETHOR, Ezra Bell, Ana Isabelle, James Whiton (Tom Waits, Bernie Worrell), Freejack (Tupac), Bizzy Bone (Bone Thugs 'N Harmony), Kola (Snoop's Doggy Angels), Big Tray Deee (Eastsidaz)

Julian Wild

Ever since I committed to start making art professionally, I’ve been searching for a beginning. One romantic moment to signify the start of this grandiose adventure. The factor obstructing my line of sight is causality, a forest of reasons that any given thing may happen. Who’s to say why Wild Humans came to be? It grew from a completely random and unique set of circumstances, like a seed from the soil.

The effect, for me, is that I’m stuck in the constant state of introducing this project. First I introduced it to myself, and then to the numerous participants in the form of musicians, designers, artists and business folks. Now I’m introducing it to you and there’s a chance, albeit a small one at this point, that I don’t even know you. Each song starts as an acoustic version, then turns into a demonstration and then into a practice recording, a show recording and one day will become an album version.

That’s all for now. Here’s to a lifetime of introductions. -- Julian

Bill Wright

BIO/Photo coming soon